Friday, March 4, 2011

The team is on their way!

The 2011 Zeway trip team (Julie Kouri, Dawn Patterson, Scott and Heather Thacker, Greg and Kathy McClelland, and Will and Ellen Tuthill) left on-time from Austin headed to a stop in Houston, then another in Frankfurt, and finally after 22+ hours arrive mid-day Saturday Austin time in Addis Ababa. They were all excited to be going and enjoyed a nice last US-based meal at the Salt Lick at the airport!

The team will be joined later next week by Chris Degarmo from Grace and Wendy McMahon from Food for the Hungry in Phoenix who will be shooting a documentary video of the project.

Please keep the team and this trip in your prayers, and if you would like to receive prayer updates via email, please email Matt Kouri at

If you would like to download and print a day-by-day prayer calendar, you can find it here.

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