Meet the children

 “We learned that orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes.” - David Platt

Meet Cherenet (18).  Cherenet has been part of the CHH program since it began.  When the team met him 2 years ago, he was praying to be reunited with his sister Kidist that he had been separated from for 6 years.  Praise God that just 2 months ago, she was found and they are a family again.

Cherenet enjoys school and would love to work in the medical field one day.

When asked how we could pray for him, he replied “The prayer request is answered and it is done by God.”

Please pray that Cherenet would continue to focus on his education and do well in school.  Please pray for his sister, Kidist, that she may return to school and receive an education.  Praise God for reuniting this brother & sister.

Meet Robdu (15), Doctor (13) & Besha (10).  They lived in a very rural area when their parents died.  Even though they were alone, they would walk 3 hours a day just to attend school.  They finally moved to Adami Tulu where they found out about the CHH program.

Doctor and Robdu would like to be doctors and Besha wants to be a teacher. They are all believers and attend church.  Please pray for the continued education of these children and further growth in Christ.

Meet Fikadu Abule (15) & Masho (12).  This brother and sister lived alone for 6 years and did not attend school before becoming part of the CHH program.

Fikado would like to be a professor at University one day and Masho loves to study english.  Fikado is a believer and attends church but Masho does not.  Please pray that Masho would follow her brothers lead and begin attending church so she can come to know Jesus.

FH is also providing legal support to these children as the father was not able to complete the paperwork on the purchase of their home before he died.  Please pray that God would help FH through the legal process and protect these children from anyone who might try and take their home away.  The children asked for prayer for success in their education so they might make their dreams a reality.

Meet Johannes (12).  When we met Johannes last year, his situation was very bleak.  He had never attended school and his father was dying of Aids.  Johannes had to work in the market so he and his father could eat.

When we visited with Johannes and his father, Negatu, they prayed to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

Johannes is now in school and loves science.  Unfortunately, his father is very, very sick now and completely bedridden.

Please pray for Negatu's health.  Please pray that Johannes can find comfort in our Lord Jesus Christ.  Please pray that Johannes continues in school and grows in his education.  Please also pray for Johannes health as he found out recently that he too has HIV.

Meet Ibsa (17).  Ibsa was one of the first children on the CHH partnership. 

When the team first met Ibsa (May 2009), he asked them to pray for his loneliness.  As we received updates from the FH staff in Zeway, he was still asking for prayers for his loneliness.  God has answered those prayers and his sister is now living with him in Zeway.  Praise God.

Ibsa is currently in school and also is in woodworking training.  He now knows how to make various kinds of furniture and shelves.  He plans on continuing his education and training.

Please pray for Ibsa...that he may continue in his education, that God would keep he and his sister close and that he come to know Jesus as his personal Savior.

 Meet Abush & Muktar...both 16.  One of the really exciting things the FH has started doing is pairing up the orphaned children for safety and companionship.  Beautiful friendships are being formed and the children love it.  They boys have a strong friendship and continue to lift each other up with humility and praise for the other.

Both boys are in school and Muktar also attends metal working training.  They are also believers and attend church regulary.  Abush has a very strong faith in strong that he said he didn't have enough words to express.

The boys ask for prayers for growth so they may realize their full potential.  They also pray that they will be able to help others like themselves one day.