About the Partnership

The Austin church has been invited to join Food for the Hungry and the local Zeway Christian church community (who are  already working in incredible unison) to play a role in true community transformation. And we believe this partnership will transform not only the Zeway community but our community as well!

Zeway Partnership Components
Orphan Care – we can serve as “foster parents”  to 300 orphans living in orphan-headed households in and around Zeway.
Our funds will provide them:
Social worker care and counseling
Sunday school and discipleship
100% of their food
100% of their health care
100% of their education support 
100% of their housing upkeep/rent needs
Income-generation training and support
Health training – abstinence-based HIV/AIDS education
Legal support – property and inheritance claims
Permanent Families – train local Christian churches on God’s heart for adoption to increase the number of orphans adopted into permanent families
Ministry Partnership with Zeway Churches – work alongside the 17  Zeway Christian Fellowship of Churches show the love of Christ in  communities, provide more than 500 Bibles in the local language, and further promote orphan care
Local Community Support- Fund the renovation and stocking of 3 community libraries, provide guardian trainings, and  deliver workshops on orphan care for local government leaders