Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bible Listening Groups in Ethiopia

One of the amazing things that happened on our trip to Zeway this past June was being able to take a "Proclaimer" audio bible (, recorded in Amharic, the most widely-spoken Ethiopian dialect, as a gift for the Zeway Evangelical Church leaders. They had literally just started to tell us how they were struggling with being able to get the Gospel story out to people when we were able to give them this gift! It was a Holy Spirit moment, and as these pictures show, they are making great use of this very cool little black box. Praise God for this!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hear More on August 7th

God is doing so many wonderful new things through The Hope in Ethiopia partnership that we can't keep them to ourselves!

Please plan to join us on Sunday, August 7 in the Children's Auditorium at Grace Covenant Church at 1:15.

We'll share the ways ophans' lives are being transformed and how the community is transforming through orphan care. We’ll also share new plans to bring water to dry places, and an exciting extension of the partnership! The people of Zeway are encountering hope in the form of Jesus Christ and His provision through local churches, loving social workers, and the outpouring of love from the people of Grace.

We suggest you pack a sack lunch or pick up food and drinks before we begin at 1:15. All children are welcome, or you can pre-register your 0-4 year old children for childcare. Children must PRE-register on the Grace website. The event will end at 2:15.

We hope this gathering will be informative, fun, and inspiring for both kids and adults. Feel free to forward this invitation to your adult communities, life groups, and friends!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ibsa's X-ray

This is a picture of Ibsa's hand. He injured his hand during a soccer game and he went to the FH offices to see if someone could help. Typically, Ibsa would not have seen that as an option, but with the support of the partnership, medical care is very much an option.

It seems simple enough to fix a sprained or broken finger, but many cases in Zeway and other parts of Ethiopia, it isn't simple at all. Many children who break a finger, arm or foot when young never get it medically treated and the bone realigns improperly and causes other related problems. It is very common to see a foot or a finger that has healed in a crooked and painful way.

We are thankful for the support of the partnership that Ibsa had his hand x-rayed and treated properly. He should be well on his way to recovery.