Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Old Wineskins

I feel it. The pull of the world. Back to the comfortable life I knew before. Before going to Zeway. I keep telling everyone that asks about our trip that it was life-changing, but what has changed and what should I be doing differently? I feel stuck between two worlds, struggling with how to fit new wine into old wineskins. Scott and I are right back to our busy, over-committed schedules. The kind that numb us over time. But our hearts are longing for Zeway. Strangely missing and yearning to be with children we really hardly know, spending only moments with them. How is it possible that our hearts could be so knitted together in such a short time? But they are. As if they were our own children. Sadly, though, as each day goes by it becomes easier to separate these two worlds. Still questioning our comfort, yet all the while enjoying it. So we cling to our memories. We cling to opportunities to talk about our time there with others, look at pictures of those beautiful faces we fell in love with, and spend time with others who have been and seen. How can we fight our comfort and keep these worlds connected? Keep our hearts from healing and forgetting? All I know to do is pray. Will you pray with me? For these children and those that look after them. For more people to know about them. For wounded hearts and for new wineskins.

-Heather Thacker

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Team Members said...

Thank you for this post Heather! I understand your struggle and will pray for continued brokenness for both of you. It is in your brokenness for these children that God makes you strong. -Matt