Bridges of Grace

Bridges of Grace is a ministry of Grace Covenant Church in Austin, Texas.  Started in 2005, it has been our consistent prayer and desire to care for orphans and adoptive families.

It wasn't until 2008 after 3 years of prayer and consideration that we found the perfect orphan care partnership.  Through Food for the Hungry we learned of a community in Zeway, Ethiopia, and we learned about a gap in the many humanitarian aid systems that did not efficiently meet all the needs of the orphan headed household. Food for the Hungry wanted to be a leading organization in fixing this system, and we wanted to help.

So after a visit to Zeway in 2009, a proposal was put together by Food for the Hungry, and the Zeway Evangelical Fellowship Churches and Grace Covenant Church in Austin signed an agreement to care for orphan-headed households and other community needs as an equal partnership for at least 3 years.

We believe it is a God-sized partnership with a goal of $700,000 over the next 3 years and the care of 300 orphans along with library renovations, Zeway missionaries supported, the care of dying widows, just to name a few of the additional areas of needs we hope to meet.

We see amazing transformations in people and orphans in Zeway and we see amazing transformations of our own lives and others in Austin as we care for God's children. Please consider joining us in giving the orphans of Zeway a future and a hope!