Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If one falls down, his friend can help him up.

Being warmly welcomed into someone's home is a blessing. When that warmth is accompanied by the smell of incense, a bouquet of flowers and the floor covered in beautiful green fronds it takes it to a whole other level. That was the welcome that those of us who were able to visit Chaltu and Alemetu received.

Of all the home visits that I was able to be a part of, there a few that are my favorites and meeting these two young ladies rises to the top of even that short list. Their story is unique and it tugs on my heart. I love to see the hurting have their needs met. I so long for the day when all the wrongs of the world are made right. In the meantime, this story brings hope and whispers of the day when every tear will be wiped away.

You see, individually both of these early teen girls had become orphans. They tried to survive on their own in different ways. Chaltu has no relatives. After she lost her parents, she would sustain herself through her efforts. She tried to be a house maid but this didn't work out. Next, she did odd jobs in exchange for food and lodging. At times she would have to move from place to place every one to two nights.

Alemtu also lost her parents. She tried to live with her uncle but he wouldn't even let her go to school. Instead he forced her to work. This was even more difficult for her because she is disabled. When she was young, Alemtu fell out of a chair and never received the proper treatment for her injury. She now walks with a severe limp and uses a cane.

Their stories intersected after they each heard of the Food for the Hungry (FH)/Bridges of Grace program. The focus on child headed households was exactly what they needed. They didn't even know each other but FH placed them in a humble room together. The leadership was wise in providing this for Alemtu because having Chaltu there to help her has been a blessing to each of them. I asked them if they had become friends and the words of the interpreter were not even necessary. They both smiled from ear to ear and the answer was clearly yes.

As the visit neared a close, they asked us to pray for them. There is a legend in their region that if your mother and father pray for you, then you will be successful. They told us that Dawn and Kathy were like their mother and that Will and I were like their father. We looked past the superstition and both Kathy and Will prayed for these two young believers. We know that their true Father is providing for them and we are just blessed to have a front row seat to take in the beauty. Please join us in praying for them too.


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