Friday, October 22, 2010

Short Update from Zeway

We received an update from Rachael who went to visit Zeway this past week (she lives in Addis). She took a photographer with her from the States, and he was able to get some outstanding photos that we cannot wait to share with you!

Please be praying for Lydia. She is a 13 year girl with 3 other siblings. Her sister who is 17 is head of the household, but there is a strained relationship between the two of them. Lydia has been extremely sick for several months now and she in the hospital currently. She is doing better, but she has been there for 4 days.

We also received a picture of Eden. If you recall, Eden was one of the first children the July 2010 team visited this past summer. Eden's story is very traumatic and heart-breaking. Below is a picture of Eden as of yesterday.Continue to pray for Eden. There are still many obstacles for her, but it is so encouraging to see her with a face that beckons a future and a hope!

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