Monday, October 11, 2010

Highlights of the Partnership

A unique part of this partnership is that it is a community to community (c2c) model. We feel that it is important that the local community comes together to care for the community in Zeway. That is one reason why we have not offered sponsorships of single children. This is a great model too, but we are trying something a little different.

Why are we trying something new?

Because we believe that the Church can unify locally to care for the orphan. We should really be unified on most things, and orphan care is an easy common desire and concern.

We also feel that when the local community comes together, their support is magnified. Just as it says in the Book of Matthew that when 2 or more are gathered together to pray, God makes things happen. Also, when many people combine their gifts, ideas and efforts, great things are accomplished.

We also believe that when the Church in Zeway is unifed and supported as a community, their impact will be magnified.

We saw evidence of this first hand when the orphans gathered together to form grief and loss support communities. On one of the first meetings, one orphan stated "I thought I was the only one!" Now those groups are caring for one another, praying for one another, and being an extended family to others.

So how can you be a part of this community-to-community partnership?

A great place to start is to ask your small group, Sunday school, work friends, neighbors, anyone you are in a community with, to consider pooling your resources and supporting a community in Zeway. Go to the Food for the Hungry box to the left of this post to read more about donating.

We'll then send you a prayer book so that you can learn the names and faces of all the orphans in the partnership. We'll send you regular updates so that you can share them with your community. Your local community can pray together and rejoice together as we see community transformation through orphan care.

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