Monday, July 12, 2010

Back in Addis Ababa

The team is back in Addis Ababa now and wouldn't you know they are having Tex-Mex for dinner this evening. That should be interested!

Tuesday, they will visit a few government run orphanages in Addis. Pray that the Lord fills them with joy to visit the children, care and love them.

Before the team left Zeway, they made one last stop to Melkete and Denebe's house. You'll be reminded of their story if you watch the video on the side bar. Melkete has put her trust in Christ and is doing very well. Unlike our first visit to their house, Melkete and Denebe are joy-filled, they have their physical needs met, they are going to school and Melkete is beginning job training. The Lord has been gracious to let us be a part of this transformation!

1 comment:

amar rama said...

wait.. what? there is a tex-mex restaurant in Addis?
That is so awesome :-)