Sunday, July 11, 2010

Seeing God's Love in Nature

As Norman Furley preached today at church, one way of understanding the vastness and careful concern of God's love is to find it in nature. That is what the team is doing today. Their trip is slowly coming to a close.
There is a lake near Zeway and a retreat center there. Odd that a retreat center and hotel would be located near such poverty, but that is the dichotomy of our world. The team retreated to this hotel for the night to debrief and be close to nature as they process and rest with the Lord.
Here, the team bought Dawit, who visited Grace in February, a massage (gotta love $9 massages!). He thoroughly enjoyed it! Dawit sometimes appear to hold the world on his shoulders as the director of many programs caring for the needy. Please pray for him as he makes difficult decisions daily. God's grace is poured on him daily and may it never cease!

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