Friday, July 9, 2010

God is Moving!

Today the team visited a few of the newest additions to the Partnership and those are widows dying of HIV/AIDS and their children who will be orphans soon. These visits can be very difficult and one can leave with great burden and a sense of hopelessness for the people in that household.

God blessed the team, however, by allowing them to visit Amaloek, whose situation is bleak, but not hopeless. Please read below the update from the team about this God-fearing widow.

The final visit of the morning was a mother, Amaloek, who has 3 boys 10 years, 6 years, and 4 months. She was stoic and they had the most barren house we had ever seen-- a couple pots and a canvas sheet on the floor to sleep on, no pad at all, and she is nursing a 4 month old.

Her husband left recently because he is a polygamist and has another family and provides her no support. She said she was mentally crazy, but then she found Christ and was healed!

She attends an evangelical church when she can. She had a Bible and reads it regularly, and she spoke about God in such a mature, sold-out way! SHe said she would rather have God than food, that she wants her boys to get a good education and grow up to be Godly men. WE were so encouraged by her. She asked us to pray that the God who rose from the dead would also bring her from the grip of this deadly disease, so we prayed with more vigor and faith than we had all trip for her and her boys. Please pray for Amaloek that He would heal her and continue to use her as an example of Christ for all. Her neighbors, the clinic staff, everyone is alwasy asking her how she does what she does with her strength, and she points them to God!

Didn't have a good pic of her with me now but more later. This one is Dawn giving her a Jesus necklace.

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