Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Broken Hearts for Orphans

God is moving in Addis Ababa! Ethiopia is going to help lead the world of indigenous adoption and it is amazing to hear of the transformations!

A story from today's Seed Adoption conference:

After attending the first day of the conference, a woman went to the director of Kidmia and asked if there were specific children she could consider for adoption. The director said yes and gave her photos of two children who were available. She said she felt her heart move for adoption but she needed to talk with her husband. She went home and prayed and talked all night about God's heart for adoption and these two particular children.

In the morning the couple agreed that those two children were meant to be part of their forever family! She announced to the conference attendees on the 2nd day that her and her husband were going to learn more about the children and adoption that very day. The entire conference erupted in praise and they prayed for her in that Ethiopian power prayer way!

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