Monday, April 12, 2010

Updates from Zeway

God is moving in Zeway through the visit of Tom & his brother Steve. We thought we'd share with you a recent email from Tom:

It's 11:15 am Monday morning and Steve is in the first session of his seminar. There are right at 50 social workers here. Yesterday Dawit and Feye picked us up at the hotel in Addis and drove with us down to Zeway. It was a great time for Steve to get to know them a bit and vice a versa. When we stopped for lunch I suggested to Steve that he drink a Sprite instead of just water since he still wasn't feeling normal. The Sprite had an immediate positive affect on his body chemistry. He said it was the first time he had felt normal for days. He had another for dinner and is much, much better. Praise God for soda pop.

When we got to Zeway, we dropped our stuff at the hotel, (a different one than the one we stayed at before), and then went on three house visits. The first was a family led by a 17 year old girl with a 15 year old sister and a 9 year old brother. They are all HIV positive. They are Muslim. Their mother died 2 years ago and they are fairly marginalized by their neighbors because of the HIV. It was the first time to watch Steve work. It was fascinating. By the end they had cried, remembered, been affirmed, given purpose, and laughed. The second family was a 17 year old girl with three younger brothers. She is a brand new believer and they all attend a local evangelical church. Their mother took her own life 10 years ago and the father died of aids a few years ago and their step mother abandoned them. Steve really connected with these kids. In fact he is talking about "adopting" them through the sponsorship program, writing them and supporting them. The third visit was with Melekete and Denabe. This was refreshing to my soul. Denabe has grown so tall and Melekete has grown into a beautiful young lady. She is doing so very well!! She loves the Lord and speaks about her past with amazing calm and understanding. They have three new kittens in their home and it's wonderful to see how they care for and love the kittens.

After the visits we had dinner at a new restaurant in town and a great visit with Dawit and Feye. Back to the hotel where Steve and I have separate "cabin" like rooms. Lights out before 11. Best night rest for both Steve and me since we left the States.

Breakfast at 7, to the church where the seminar is being held by 8. I gave a devotional after the worship time and then Steve began. He is into the Trauma section and doing a great job. The social workers that I am watching right now are completely engaged, taking copious notes and working hard to understand. Lot's of information.


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