Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tom in Ethiopia

Please be praying for Tom, our global outreach pastor, and his brother, Steve as they travel to Ethiopia. Steve just happens to be a grief and loss counselor and part of the Partnership is to provide training for the social workers. Grief and loss is an appropriate place to start with the children, most of whom cared for their sick and dying parents in their own homes until the end.

Please be praying for Steve as he is doing 5 days of training. That can be exhausting on its own, let alone working through a translator. Most of the social workers understand English, but a translator will be necessary to avoid confusion and make sure the particulars are understood.

Also, be praying that Steve can overcome any cultural differences that may get in the way as he trains the social workers. Measures have been taken to make sure the information he is teaching is culturally relevant, but this is difficult to do entirely. Our prayer in the Partnership is that we will never leave American footprints in Zeway, but only the hand prints of God's work, not ours. God is cultural relevant wherever He goes!

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