Sunday, August 7, 2011

We are so excited to introduce another item that will continue to raise awareness to the Hope in Ethiopia partnership and the beautiful children of Zeway.

Ethiopian Clothing Cards
Artwork drawn by Senayet. Notecards designed by Kathy McClelland.

Designed by Senayet, this set of four clothing cards contains brilliant drawings of a dress, a pair of pants, a skirt and a sweater. Many of the colors in the note cards - red, yellow and green - represent those of the Ethiopian flag. Made by an orphan of Zeway, let this set of cards be a fun way to drop a note to a friend!


Available here.

Flowers and Homes of Africa
Artwork drawn by children of Zeway. Notecards designed by Kathy McClelland.

Several orphan artists created this compilation of beautiful cards. The green bordered card containing neatly drawn flowers surrounding a house was done by Abyham. Gumane drew the hut and flowers in the brown border. The large vibrant and colorful flower with the blue border was the creation of Hiwot. And the delicate pink flower was designed by Samerawit. Use this diverse set of cards to send thank you notes knowing you are sharing the work of orphans.

$10.00 Available here

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