Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sponsoring a Zeway Pastor

One aspect of this partnership that has been unique is the commitment of the local Zeway churches to care for the orphans and their desire to understand adoption.

But that is easier said than done, and many of the church leaders desired to learn more about what the Bible says about adoption and orphan care and how to do it on a practical level.

Bridges of Grace had planned on creating a conference for this very thing, but thankfully an organization called Kidmia approached us about an orphan care and adoption conference they are hosting in Ethiopia for pastors. We've known the leaders of Kidmia for a while and Together for Adoption has worked with them to provide curriculum. All this to say this is a great opportunity and it is going to be a great conference.

We'd love some help with this. The cost to attend the conference for a pastor and his wife is $70. This includes transportion to Addis Ababa, lodging and food for 2 days and the conference fees. The conference is at the end of May.

Would you be willing to pay $70 for a pastor and his wife to attend this conference?

We have 15 spots paid for, but a total of 31 pastors and elders have signed up to attend. Would you be willing to support a pastor to learn more about adoption and caring for the orphan on a biblical and practical level?

We have the names of the pastors and wives already, so we can send you the name of a specific pastor that you can sponsor. We are also sending 2 people from Grace to attend the conference and debrief with the pastors afterward, so we'll be able to give you an eyewitness account of how God used your donation.

Please contact Julie at if you would like to sponsor a pastor or for more information.

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