Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blessings, Accomplishments, and Praises

By the help and grace of the Lord the FH/E and BoG project has accomplished many activities during the first quarter (October-December). The following summarizes some of what God has accomplished through this project.

  • The project has provided all CHH with uniforms for school.
  • Casual clothes and shoes have been provided for all CHH siblings. Most of their clothes were very shabby & dirty, and some children went without shoes. Providing these things creates a sense of dignity, joy and happiness.
  • The project has also provided all educational materials for CHH including pens, pencils, exercise books, sharpeners and rulers. No child has missed out on these basic needs.
  • One area of difficulty facing CHH is being able to get enough food. The food support they received from the D.F.S.P. was inadequate; however this project has filled the gap! All CHH and siblings receive enough food to meet their protein requirements.
  • There have been 7 children who have received medical treatment through this project. Alemteshay was treated at the hospital and is also receiving follow-up care.
  • All CHH and their siblings were invited to attend a 1-day seminar on personal hygiene and environmental Sanitation. During this time it was clear, from their interaction, questions and answers, that the children were learning.
  • A 1-day seminar on hop and purpose was also given for all CHH, their siblings, and the social workers. This training was based on Psalm 57:2 (I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.) The children demonstrated how much wisdom they have gained through their life experiences, problems, and challenges. Zafu has excelled in this area, as has Adami Tulu-Meseret Henock.
  • Rent has been paid for CHH living in rented housing. Payment is facilitated via social workers. The house where Asnakech Tadesse lives needed maintenance and the project has purchased all necessary supplies. Social workers are dealing with a carpenter to complete the work.
  • The project has allowed for social workers to do home visits to counsel CHH on personal and environmental sanitation issues and issues relating to HIC/AIDS. Most of the CHH and their siblings are being visited. Lidia and her siblings are all living with HIV/AIDS and have been ostracized by the community. Through home visits social worker Aman Shuna has been counseling them and showing them love, care and attention. This has given them a sense of belonging, inclusion, and loving embrace in their lives.
  • All Zeway Metro Church leaders were invited by the ZECF (Zeway Evangelical Church Fellowship) to participate in a 2-day seminar focusing on God, the orphans, and the church. The leaders were deeply affected by this training and have covenanted to take God’s heart for the poor to their respective churches.
  • Chrenet Lemesa, Alemayehu Tadesse, Melkete Abu, and Denebe Abu celebrated Christmas together at church with social worker Tilahun Tadesse.
  • Genet Shanko, sister of Chala and Mehamed Shanko, has accepted Christ! Praise the Lord!
  • Three new CHH & their siblings have been included in the project.
  • Praise the Lord for all that He has done in the life of Genet. He has answered prayers!

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