Sunday, January 31, 2010

Challenges & Issues

There are several challenges and issues facing the FH/E CHH program.

  • Office evacuation from the current space: The government has provided the current office space for the last 3 years, however due to a shortage of offices we were told to move. We moved to 2 spaces because we couldn’t find a single space large enough. Consequently, the children do not have adequate play ground space. Also, the staff has not been able to focus on their normal activities while looking for new spaces.
  • Impediment of legalizing the land process of Melkete:
    The legalization of Melkete’s land is still not finalized. The government needs to demarcate her land by putting a stone to show how much land she is given. She will legally own the land once this is done. Tilahun, a social worker, is patiently and diligently working to finalize this process.


  • Alemtsaye is facing a spiritual oppression:
    Alemtsaye is facing several challenges because of her spiritual oppression. This has caused her to miss 2 consecutive weeks of school, as well as causing her to try to hurt herself and others. Her close friend, Tseganesh, tries to protect her. The house she lives in does not allow her to attend church easily and she needs to go to church so that she may come to know Jesus and grow in Christ. Alemtsaye’s guardian needs encouragement to come to Christ in order to positively affect Alemtsaye’s faith base.

Please lift these challenges up to the Lord and pray He will help us to overcome them.

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