Monday, December 28, 2009

Welcome Prayer Partners!

Thank you for checking out the Zeway update blogsite. This blog will be a private blog, accessible to only prayer partners and donors, to learn more about the progress of the Zeway partnership. There will be at least monthly updates from the Zeway staff that will be posted on this site. Prayer requests will also be updated regularly.

For this blog to be of best use to the Zeway partners, we are asking you to subscribe to blog feeds. If you do this, you will receive an email notification that the blog has been updated. You can then follow the link provided and read the latests from Zeway.

To the right of this post, you will see a space that allows you to subscribe to this blog. We hope you choose to do this!

1 comment:

Jo said...

Your timing is amazing! I JUST went to the old blog to see if there were any updates and found it no longer available! Thank you! I am praying!